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Aliyah Poem

By the Rivers of Babylon, I sat down and cried.

There they hung their harps on the willow trees.

“How can they sing the songs of the Lord,” I sighed,

“While living in foreign lands, overseas?”


Adonai is beckoning them, both young and old.

For this is what was prophesied - this is what He planned.

To bring them from the four corners of the world

To their ancient inheritance, to their Biblical homeland.


I, the Lord, will roar like a Lion,

And they will come trembling from the West

With weeping and a prayer, they homeward shall hasten;

And once in their Land they will again be blessed.


Adonai is calling His remnant forth,

Like doves to their nests on wings have flown.

He is whistling for those in the Land of the north

So they will return as distant clouds are blown.


This Exodus will be glorious to ascertain

Returning on every form of transport

Arriving by ship or plane, by truck or train,

Restored on vehicles of every imaginable sort.


Having been banished to the ends of the earth

I will restore them to their Land of Israel;

And gather them from the countries of their birth

In prophetic Ships of Tarshish they will sail.


“I scattered them for their iniquities, - however,

From the east and the west, from the north and the south,”

Says the Lord, “I will bring back and regather.”

These words I have spoken and have proceeded from My mouth.


Rally the blind, the lame, and women in labour,

Restoration for the Exiles as a great throng returns!

Regathered to the Land they did once remember.

Returning they shall know My love and concerns.


The Outcast will return to the Land of their Forefather,

He shall come home to the Land of his ancestors.

I shall plant Israel in this Land forever,

“Never again to be plucked out!” writes His Authors!


The Valley was full of Bones, dry and barren.

“Can these Bones live, O Lord? Only You know!”

For My Name, I could leave them no longer forsaken.

My Holy Name was at stake, My Holy Manifesto!


Prophesy! And the Four Winds blew.

There was a rattling among the bones.

Tendons and flesh appeared, as an army grew.

Now Breath, blow over their grave-stones!


Dry Bones had become the whole House of Israel.

Breath entered as the Army came to life.

Thriving in their Land – Adonai’s Word did prevail;

Tribes of Israel – flourishing and free from strife!


 For thousands of years the Jews celebrated the miracle

Of their amazing Passover redemption from slavery.

But the prophet Jeremiah predicts something more wonderful

As God accomplishes an even greater mystery.


Majestic miracles the Jews will agree

forgetting the first Exodus ever happened.

Greater than the manna or the parting of the Red Sea

Will be reason to remember the surpassing Second.


Rejoice and shout, for My children’s home-coming!

Sing, O Daughter of Zion! Make your praises be heard!

I am bringing you back with dancing and singing!

Under My wings you’ll be sheltered!


I will be their God and they will be My people – regathered!

When I bring them back to their Land with singing.

I will take them from every Nation where they were scattered

Then in their own Land their sheaves they’ll be bringing.


 “Our mouths are filled with songs of joy and laughter

More than when the grain and the new wine abound,”

“The Lord has done great things for us!” says the Psalter,

“Like when the streams in the Negev desert are found.”


When His Word comes to pass then we will all know!

And they’ve all come home we’ll be awed

When we see in the sky His Glorious Rainbow

Yes, then we will know He is our Covenant-keeping God.


Once more they shall be Lights to the Nations

Just as the Prophets of Old did foretell

Their faces shall shine with joyous reflections

When once again on the Mountains of Israel they’ll dwell.

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