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A safe House

A safe House

Back when I was a child, which was some time ago, we lived in neighborhoods that were quite safe. I actually lived in a house very much like this one.... including the color! Everyone knew each other. We could walk to the local park alone and play all day with our friends, coming home when the noon whistle sounded for lunch. We stayed out with our friends playing 'until the streetlights came on' -- our signal it was time to go home. We walked each other to and from school each day. In the unforeseen circumstance that a child got sick or hurt, or another child was picking a fight; there were 'safe places' sprinkled throughout the area. These were homes had been approved by the police and had a sign in the window signaling to us children that they were a 'safe place' should we need help. Inside, we would find someone, usually a mother, who would give us the needed band-aid, drink of water or use of the toilet. If necessary, she would call our house and let our mother know that we were there. It was very reassuring as a child to know that these 'safe places' were there for me should I get hurt or worse, should a bully bother me.

Usually, our lives roll along without too many bumps on our journey. We can handle most of the problems that come our way. If the situation in our country stays relatively 'sane', we are able to go with the flow. For many, however, the 'climate' in our countries is changing. There is an increase in anti-Jewish sentiment to the point of becoming dangerous. The new antisemitism is being voiced as anti-Israel. There has been an upswing in violent anti-Israel (re: anti-Jewish) out-lash that it is almost frightening. BUT, like when we were children, in the back of our minds there is the 'safe place' to where we can run for help if needed ~ Israel. We tough it out in our home countries, not really wanting to believe that things are as bad as they are BUT if it is THAT bad, we reason, there is always Israel.

The 2 Spies would like to challenge this line of thinking:

G-d never intended for Israel to be our 'fall-back' plan~ the just in case we lose it all, if it gets too uncomfortable, should we lose everything, run to the 'safe place' plan. This thinking makes a judgment that the nations have more to offer us from the get-go than G-d's promise of Israel. Israel is G-d's first best. It is His only 'best'. If you are Jewish, there is a destiny waiting to be fulfilled for you that will not happen any place else other than in Israel. Israel is a 'safe place' because that is where your future is written.

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(H.L - Nov. 12, 2010)

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