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Time to come Home

Haman did more to promote Jewish identity than all the Prophets of Israel combined. But who will lead the Jews to Israel right now? Op-ed.

Tzvi Fishman, May 30, 2023

Allow me to share a few thoughts with you. A reader wrote to me suggesting I write about Roger Waters as an omen of things to come. The problem however is much deeper than Roger Waters. The problem is that Diaspora Jews don't want to leave the Diaspora. Even those who see the futility of continued Jewish life in Gentile lands, and who recognize the writing on the wall, they lack the strength, spirit, passion, and faith to make Aliyah.

Thus all of the superficial band-aid programs of the well-meaning but lusterless Jewish Agency, WZO, NBN, and Ministry of Klita are doomed to failure. The same trickle of olim will come, but unless Roger Waters armies arise throughout the Diaspora wearing stormtrooper boots the Jews will remain where they are, as our Sages long ago noted - Haman did more to promote Jewish identity than all of the Prophets of Israel combined.

The salvation will not come from the Governments of Israel which are too inundated with other day-to-day issues. Also writing and teaching about Aliyah are important but the outreach is not widespread. Here and there people are influenced by our words, and there is great importance in that, but not enough so to trigger a large movement.

At this point the Diaspora quicksand has become so thick that disaster is not far away. The Master of the World has great patience but He will not allow His Name to be mocked by His children forever. Everything He decreed about the exile will surely come to pass whether the Jews want to face it or not.

Thus the time is long overdue for a "Time to Come Home" movement led by Diaspora Jews themselves, a handful of brave and idealistic souls from every community, from LA to Monsey and Boca, to rise up and lead the way home to Israel by their own bold example with the strident call for others to follow. If the Rabbis won't do it, then all those who possess the spirit of Hashem in their hearts and a true love for Israel and a burning concern for the future of their children, must break away from the shackles of their comfortable exile existence, place Jerusalem above all of their joys, and like Nachshon, inspire the less brave by their personal example.

Not only will they discover a far more fulfilling life in Israel, with the help of the Almighty, they can be the trigger to lead others to the same incomparable blessing as well.

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